The Mobile Crypto Payment

Solutions for Small Shops

We are developing an ecosystem that mobile payment, daily and local shopping, sending/receiving crypto currency and earning money are all together in one platform, in one application.

Lofi Wallet

The Globoni coin and Lofi Wallet create a commercial use in an ecosystem where shopping, paying and making money with a free mobile application is possible.

The Lofi Wallet is a universal decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to:

  • Shop with Globoni Coin
  • Buy deals with Globoni Coin
  • Buy Globoni Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other supported crypto currencies with Credit Card
  • Store / Send / Receive Globoni Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other supported crypto currencies
  • Spend your cashback tokens that you earn from Lofi Shoppings
  • Buy / Sell Gold and Silver
  • Make your payments with future payment partners.


Lofi App


Lofi is an innovative application that consists what a user needs. We have created a solid ground for using coins in shopping and form a unique global system for online, offline payments with a mobile based solution. Lofi app is the platform that merchants will reach out the customers.

Lofi helps merchants to easily target and communicate with the potential customers for their products and services while customers getting huge discounts, hot deals, enjoying food ordering and being more social and getting Globoni coins as cashback points.

Shopping Platform

Customer Loyalty Program
  • No Plastic Card
  • QR Code based and mobile
  • Cashback Tokens
  • Customer Data Base
Deal Platform
  • 30-90 % Discounted Deals
  • Getting New Customers
  • Attracting Customers on No-Show Days
  • Booking Empty Hotel Rooms
  • Creates active shopping
  • Based on customer’s preferences and proximity.
  • Business owner can drop geo-deals to the map.
  • Geo - deal - more discount, limited time and quantity.
Online Food Ordering Program
  • Makes the ordering process easier,
  • Allows efficient customer and order management,
  • Allows to monitor the expenses incurred in real time,
  • Business owners can stay ahead of the competition,
Mobile Advertising
  • Merchant reaches the customer directly on his phone.
  • Target group based on Which City/Cities, Location, Gender, Age, Occupation, Point of Interest, Purchasing Habits, Education, Level of Income etc.
  • Via; Notification Ads, Video Ads, Deal Ads, Discount Ads, Website Visit Ads
Social Commerce
  • New social media understanding combined with mobile commerce.
  • Get recommendations about deals, favorite merchants from your friends.
  • Following friends, favorite meals, favorite merchants.
  • Be more social while getting discounts and hot deals.

Lofi Merchant App

Lofi Merchant is a mobile strategy platform for merchants consisting of multiple platforms to make more sales, more advertising to get more customers and finally more revenue than ever. It has the solution that help businesses grow.

Lofi Merchant presents private administration panel for merchants to manage their cashback rewards system, to reach the customer data base, to create special offers, deals and also to publish advertising with just a few clicks.

Lofi Merchant is digitalizing, Globoni is cryptonizing the merchants!

We are providing merchants to take control of their payments and access a new generation of customers. The wallet in Lofi Merchant application make receiving payment with cryptocurrency possible for Business Owners.

Lofi Merchant app is a new generation of POS device.

Qoni Business


Globoni Coin

A solid infrastructure to use coins is the key of success to create an ecosystem.

One common thing with everyone is that we spend money every day to live. Either buying groceries, paying for education, purchasing a product etc. That’s why, the crucial elements of an ecosystem are Merchants and Customers.

We have created a mobile advertising and mobile commerce platform “Lofi” for merchants that has all the elements to keep them ahead in the competition.

Globoni will become decentralized cryptocurrency that fuels the growth and adaptation of Lofi Platform. Globoni coin distinguishes itself from other coins due to being a shopping currency.

Lofi gives merchants what they need, rewards consumers with Globoni Coins for using it and thus contributing to it.

Creating such a huge and comprehensive project has one important goal; creating a commercial use for cryptocurrency in an ecosystem that merchants and customers can communicate through just one channel; Lofi.

Business Model, Marketing and Branding

We have created a hybrid shopping platform and a first real merchant network. We will break a new ground in today’s and future’s economy. Because Globoni Coin will have a market place.

We are going to digitalize the merchants with our local sales teams, call centers and local advertising. Merchants network will be backed online and community marketing. As Lofi we are going to have partnerships with payment systems and merchants in their customer pool will be the potential Lofi merchants.

Different types of strategies will be applied for cities according to culture and advertising structure of the place.

As Lofi, we will be partner and sponsor of civil society initiative events and organizations, sports events in national level.

Lofi aims to increase athlete participation, launch development and education programs and increase awareness for the Paralympic Movement. We would encourage anyone to see the potential in more business partnering with the country’s paralympic athletes as a journey of mutual benefit- one which can inspire a business as a whole, as well as supporting future sporting success on global stage.

Initial Exchange Offering

Initial Exchange Offering will start 01.11.2019 and end 01.08.2020.

As planned a fixed supply of 800 million coins will be generated.Coin allocations will be performed in the following manners.


Road Map


Vision of M-Commerce and M-Advertising Platform based on Blockchain


Mobile commerce platform, mobile applications for customers and merchants.


Deal platform is added to system. Demo Merchants are registered to system.


Mobile Advertising Platform is completed. Mobile Commerce platform is optimized.


Designs of the mobile applications is renewed.

2019-Q3 website and whitepaper is prepared.


Private round 1 will start.


Private round 2 will start.


Food Order Platform programming will start.


Globoni IEO will start and Globoni coin will be listed.


Lofi & Globoni Marketing Campaign will start in terms of local, national and international scale.


Asker Sakınmaz

Chief Executive Officer

Muharrem Dinçer

Chief Technology Officer

Seçil Atmaca

Chief Operating Officer

Gürsel Ayıkbaba

Chief Marketing Officer

Murat Ağca

Chief Finance Officer

Şelal Ekler

Creative Director

Talha Keleş

Social Media Manager

Yusuf Coşkun

Mobile Software Manager

Veysel Akpınar

Backend Software Manager